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John Rogerson

In the restoration of Fatlips in 1898 the room on the first floor had a pitch pine ceiling which had the arms of the Earl of Minto painted on it and also carved bosses. I took a photo of it in 1971 which I believe is the only one as the ceiling collapsed due to water ingress caused by vandals. I had to lie on the floor to take the photo with a time exposure.

I remember going up there in the 1970's and seeing the cannon guns outside the castle and the yett in place in the doorway.  There was a shed on the far side of the hill that housed horse-sleighs that possibly originated from Canada, which is where the late Lord Minto's first wife was from.

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John Turnbull

The Turnbulls of Montgomery, Wales, now of Shrewsbury, England, have always been fascinated by history including their ‘distinguished’ surname. I was told by my long-suffering mum the concern of the Turnbull aunties that I was to be christened John, not considered a particularly Turnbull name. It came as a relief when they discovered many ancestors called John including John ‘out wi the sword’ Turnbull.

So on reaching 50 it seemed time to visit the birthplace of the Clan with sons Jamie & Alex (very Scottish) and partner Sue.

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