• pathsWear good shoes and heavy pants for protection from rocks and nettles

  • Remember that you will be on private property so please be careful and respectful.

  • The door to the tower is kept locked. Arrangements are being sought to make a key available to visitors in a secure manner. Check back for updates (October 2021).

  • Note the detailed map below the instructions.
Take the A698 to Denholm
  • In Denholm the A698 is called Main Street

  • Turn north at the east corner of the town square onto Kirkside Street. This is left at the far corner when driving from Hawick.

  • Go to the end of the street, turn right onto Leyden Road for one block and then left onto Minto Road (B6405)

  • Take the B6405 for 0.25 mile and turn right onto the first public road after the river

  • Drive towards Ancrum 1.7 miles

  • At approximately 1.7 miles from the turnoff, on the left, below Fatlips, there is a path in a wooded alleyway between the fields

  • Park well off the road and take that path up to Fatlips

  • Be very cautious as the path is steep and often slippery